Tip: list of unique URL’s for a given del.icio.us tag

I only now noticed that the list of links for a given tag on del.icio.us gives the list of distinct user entries on that URL. Which is not handy if you want to have a quick list of unique URL’s for a given tag, since you have to wade through hundreds of submissions of the same popular links to find the less popular. Links tagged greasemonkey for example. Maybe I’m overseeing something, but the del.icio.us interface doens’t seem to give that option?

Luckily, a feature of Bloglines comes in: Bloglines, as all feed readers, is originally meant to read feeds containing links from a source where every link points to the source site itself, not to external resources, like the del.icio.us links do. So it interprets multiple entries with the same link (= differently tagged submissions of the same link by multiple del.icio.us users) as updates of the same entry, thus keeping the list unique.

So in order to make the greasemonkey tag feed on del.icio.us contain unique URL’s, submit it to your Bloglines account to browse through: have a look at this preview of the greasemonkey links.

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