Spamblogs in Action

While browsing through some recent greasemonkey blog buzz I came across this Dutch-language post on a blog ( / giftbasket/) that seemed to be entirely in English further on. Its content had been grabbed from (the Feedburner RSS feed containing) the original posting at Hans Mestrum’s weblog.

I Technorati search on giftbasketthousands of cron job results on a blog was really wondering how the entries for this apparently SpamBlog were being collected, so I did a quick Technorati search on “giftbasket” (right):
The results were hilarious and revealed this (probably multi-user) WordPress blog at / moretheterrier/, not only containing the odd stolen blog posting but as well thousands of ouput results from cron (= scheduler on Unix) jobs (click thumbnail left).

In fact, it turns out this installation is driving other spamblogs such as the one at / giftbasket/, / clock/ and / dolphin/. All of these are pointing to fake directory sites such as,, and

The mail a spam blog! trigger the script!! content is being fetched from several mailboxes (, dolphinblog@…, clockblog@…) by a (scheduled) WordPress script that enables users to post to their blog via email. I don’t have a clue actually by what mechanism the mails are being generated. The nice thing however is… you can do this yourself: mail one of the adresses (screenshot left), then run the corresponding script (e.g. / giftbasket / wp-mail.php, screenshot right), and this is the result:

the result online!

Oh, by the way, there’s even more… a Technorati search for showed still some other (earlier) test setups for the same subject:

And there is also this (still earlier) setup at using a “real SEO automator” that, if I understand correctly, turns keywords into a list of keyword-optimized pages linking to what maybe is the actual SEO-customer

Apparently WordPress turned out to be a more flexible system to build Spamblogs?

5 Responses to “Spamblogs in Action”

  1. Hans Says:

    Great! But how can you stop it.

  2. Hans on Experience Says:

    Uitleg wat spamblogs zijn en hoe ze werken

    Gisteren heb ik reeds geschreven over spamblogs. Aangezien mijn postings in een spamblog opdoken. Ik had ze die dag al eerder gezien maar wist niet wat het was, Pascal Vanhecke kwam er ook achter en lichtte me in. Hij deed nog meer. Hij ging op zoek na…

  3. Peter Says:

    a search on reveals more of these installation…

  4. Hans on Experience Says:

    What about tagging them as spamblog?

  5. Pascal Says:

    @ Hans:

    Great! But how can you stop it.
    There’s no technical way to stop them from grabbing and copying text… Only a legal procedure could help – if that’s worth it.