WordPress plugins: WYSIWYG editor, rss links, recent comments

WordPress is designed in such a way that people can easily download and install plugins (add-ons and modifications). Three plugins I found very useful:


Most people are put off by the HTML markup in the default WordPress editor. So if you want non-technical people to use WordPress as a blog or light-weight Content Management System, this plugin can help. It replaces the WordPress “quicktags” with the TinyMCE editor. TinyMCE has the advantage that it:

  • works in both IE and Firefox (see examples)
  • is highly configurable (by editing the wordpress.js javascript file)
  • can clean up copy-pasted MS Word Mark-up (although I noticed it’s not perfect)

Download: mudbomb.com. Normal installation procedure.
For further reference: an extensive list of webbased html editors

Update August 16

TinyMCE will be integrated into WordPress 1.6 by default

Display links, titles and description for any RSS feed

This del.icio.us plugin will do so. The plugin was written with a del.icio.us linklist in mind, but works for any RSS feed (at least the ones I tried ;-) ). The installation instructions require you to download the Magpie RSS library – I’m not really sure whether that’s strictly necessary in WordPress 1.5, since Magpie is used within WordPress itself (/wp-incluces/rss-functions.php). However, I assume WordPress uses a slimmed down version, since I could not find some of the options Magpie has. In order to correctly display French accents for example, I had to instruct Magpie to produce its output in UTF-8 (the charset of the blog it was implemented on). With the full library, this insert in the configuration section of /plugins/del.icio.us.php helped:


Docs and download: Chris Metcalf’s Deli.icio.us plugin page. Comments at his blog.
For further reference: this generic “RSS link list plugin” builds further on the one I used, but uses another (and simpler: just a single-file) library – haven’t tried it though.

Show list of recent comments throughout your blog postings

Another very popular application, so there are quite some implementations: I tested a couple of them, but when I saw the screenshots of this Get Recent Comments by Krischan Jodies I knew I didn’t have to search any further.
Not only does it provide you with full formatting power and the very useful option to wrap long words at a number of characters (so they do not distort the typical narrow sidebar), it also lets you do this within the normal WordPress admin interface, storing your preferences in the database (instead of you having to edit config options in php code).

See docs and download. If you want to write a plugin yourself, its source code is probably a good starting point.

More plugins

can be found here:

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