How I got my Header pic

Via Kubrickr, the Flickr-based webservice for graphically impaired people (like me).
This is how you do it:
Header pic summer 2005

  • submit a word that is somewhat remotely connected to your blog (“Ghent“)
  • click next till you find a pic you think is abstract enough to fit anywhere but still suggests some deeper meaning
  • select a horizontal strip, hit the crop button, download the produced kubrickheader.jpg, overwrite your /wp-content/themes/Default/images/kubrickheader.jpg or /wp-content/themes/<your_own_theme>/images/kubrickheader.jpg
  • attribute the author in the footer
  • get discovered and exposed as an impostor: “Hey, I got at your site by coincidence* and I see my stoopid pic in the header. cool :-)

* actually, he was egosurfing

3 Responses to “How I got my Header pic”

  1. hendrik dacquin Says:

    what a nice header you have there!

  2. T. Shawn Says:

    Thanks for the great link. I just made my own on my site.