Nivi on why people do things for free

Nivi would love to hear our thoughts on why people do things for free.
Apart from the reasons he quoted (and still lots of other ones), there’s this one:

For media companies, free content is a vehicle for advertising.
For individual authors, free content or free code is a vehicle for the author’s name and reputation.


  • Another way of stating the first sentence: for media companies, the content is not the product. Content is just the means to create an audiences. The audience they sell to the advertisers is the product.
  • I know the distinction between individuals and companies is overstated: people do have advertising on their blogs, a very tiny minority even makes a living of it
    Companies also do the second trick: MySql’s free gpl-licensed database is the best marketing tool for the same product under a commercial license.

One Response to “Nivi on why people do things for free”

  1. Kim Carter Says:

    When you do it for free, it is not so easy for the customer/client/user to complain when it breaks. ;-)