Hunting spamblogs continued: splogs and splogreporter

“Spamblog” got rebranded as . Mark Cuban (from IceRocket, a worthy competitor for Technorati) suggested email-verification. “Somewhat Frank” came up with, a centralised public blacklist of spamblogs, similar to my (failed) suggestion of tagging spamblogs using services like furl or I still don’t think it will work however.

Apart from the fact that this will lead to just another arms race with black hat bots “flagging multiple random blogs as splogs“, (a counterattack you ‘ll have to ward off with some intelligent reputation algorithms), I think the idea doesn’t work for the same reasons tagging didn’t work:

  • there is no immediate reward for the user denouncing a blog as splog, as long as blog search engines don’t integrate this in their interface and leave out the splogged results immediately (for that user at least)
  • Franks suggestion to the blog search engines to have a link to Splogreporter is nice, but I’m afraid none of the services (Technorati, Feedster, Pubsub, Yahoo Myweb2.0,…) will be motivated to share its results though (the ability to effectively filter out spam being a major competitive advantage!).

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  1. Toivo Lainevool Says:

    I have started a web site dedicated to getting the word out about fight splog