Some more contextual advertising creativity

Contextual advertising brokers are in the same frenzy as the [banner|pop-up|pop-under|interstitial] ad brokers of 5 years ago… Jensense reported on favicons at google adsense some time ago, Peter Forret saw “image-enhanced topical link units” from the Yahoo Publisher Network and I saw some neat “search within adsense” popping up (so it’s about search after all ;-) !):

Click for better/full view (the Dutch-language sentence in the upper left corner says: “Change to ads on“):

search within adsense

search query within adsense

search results within adsense

There are also search boxes within ad link units (an easy solution if the adsense server has no clue whatsoever what the page is about ;-) ):

search within ad link unit

Whereas the search results in the previous example are displayed inline, a search query within the link unit leads to a paid results page directly (as other ad link units do).

2 Responses to “Some more contextual advertising creativity”

  1. Bart N. Says:

    I don’t have much experience running Adsense yet, but do people actually enter keywords for which they want to see ads while browsing ?!

  2. Pascal Says:

    Only Google knows whether people are that mad ;-) A publisher running ads does not know which individual ads are being clicked.

    It does make me think of a TV set showing only commercials… But hey, you can choose yourself between different kinds of commercials on several channels!

    BTW: the Adsense FAQ says the search box is only shown when no appropriate ad is found. I didn’t find any mention of the the conventional adsense ads running search boxes, maybe that format has been abondoned meanwhile (I took those screenshots at the end of May).