Introducing a Wiki into an organization: the QuickDate page

If you work in a company or organisation or in any group of people, probably a could be a helpful tool to consolidate information that’s flowing around in emails now. The hard thing is: how do you explain the (for most people) weird concept of an editable web page and have them use it?
Wiki example: TikiWiki

Here’s an idea:

  • When setting meeting dates across organisations (or even within, when there’s no shared calendar available), people still have to rely on sending mails around over and over again until everyone settles on a common day/time.
  • Instead, use a wiki page available to and editable by everybody: the organizer sends out an invitation, all attendees note their available dates on the page, the organizer sends the result to the group again.
  • Users will love it, and it’ll be a small step to post meeting notes, collect ideas, co-editing texts etc…

Wiki example: edit TikiWiki

Access and permissions

When it comes to information that is not supposed to publicly accessible and/or editable by anyone, you might have to find a wiki system with some user and permissions management. TikiWiki is pretty fine-grained in that respect: here an illustration of permissions for a page that is editable and viewable by anyone, whereas the rest of the wiki is only editable by a designated group of people.
TikiWiki: setting permissions

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