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You can tell the difference between a cherished and nourished product like Technorati’s blog search from an early version like Google ‘s by small things, such as: have they thought of a ? I didn’t find any mention of it, but it’s only a matter of find-and-replace to adapt Technorati’s *:

Update Aug 27th 2006: see here

Bookmarklet installation**


  • Right-click this link: Google Blog Search and choose “Bookmark This Link”
  • Click the “Create in” dropdown and choose “Bookmarks Toolbar Folder”

Internet Explorer

  • Right-click this link: Google Blog Search and choose “Add to Favorites”
  • Click “Yes” if there is a “May not be safe” popup
  • Choose “Links” in the “Create in” pane and click “OK”

Now you’re off keywordsearching (when a few keywords in your browser window are selected) and linksearching (for blog links pointing to your current location).

What you get is the default search… you can adapt the “blogsearch?q=” phrase at the end of the javascript to any of the advanced options by test-and-replace the url.

BTW, if you use the Firefox search plugin, there’s already a version available for Blog search.

* which is how Technorati calls
** instructions copied and adapted from, Safari and Opera users are probably intelligent enough to do it on their own ;-)

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  1. Library clips Says:

    …more on Google Blog

    I had a deluge of spam today, so I’m now moderating my comments…anyway I accidentally deleted a comment that answered my query before my hunting began…here is a Google Blog Search bookmarklet.
    If you click this when you’re on …

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    That’s great

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