Google experiments with “Remove Result” in personalised search

Google’s response to requests to block unwanted sites (the discussion on tagging spam blogs as an example). Full post at Google engineer Matt Cutts blog, but this is a summary:

  • In a one-click action, you can remove a result for a specific search query, with an additional click-and-submit you remove the page or an entire domain for all future searches.
  • Requirement: Google’s personalised search, for which you need to be logged in with your Google account. There’s no other way than an account in some way or another if you want to make your ban list persistent
  • Privacy concerns: you can switch of the “search history” feature of personalised search if you don’t want Google to record and store your search requests all day (which are, sort of, the footprints of your thoughts..)
  • For the time being, removing pages from you search results has only consequences, for your own future personalised searches, it is not a collaborative spam tagging effort yet. I assume Google will investigate whether this can be used as a collaborative spam tagging effort, but obviously they’ll have to tackle possible abuses first (such as blacklisting competitors etc…)

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