Kailash Nadh, Splogspot.com and Antisplog.net

Kailash Nadh is probably someone we’ll hear from more.
He’s 18, and author of the BoastMachine, a php/Mysql Blogging engine. The Boast machine is, though maybe a bit less sophisticated than WordPress, very nice and easy to install. It takes some ideas from bulletin boards: threaded comments, BBcode. Other projects of his are a news aggregator and a Pingoat, a Ping-o-matic clone.

Some time ago, he wrote a paper on spamblogs, that he’s apparently been putting into practice since: hence Splogspot, “The web’s only Spam search engine”, he announced yesterday. It’s a bit of a funny way to generate publicity for what should become a public blacklist of splog, accessible via an api you can check any url against (api doesn’t yet function apparently, see my comments at his blogpost). The database has been fed by the 1 million blog pings he has received so far for Pingoat, of which only about 6% passed through his filter.

An analogous (and, as far as I can judge, more advanced) project is Antisplog.net, featuring the simplest url-append api imaginable: this blog returns a 0 and is apparently not a spamblog. They’ve actively spidered about two million blogs to test the algorithm. Judging by this review (a test run of a sample of 42 spam and normal blogs) it works both fast and relatively accurate. To be continued!


The api help page for Splogspot got fixed, you can test it by appending a url to “http://splogspot.com/api?url=”, this blog returns false.

9 Responses to “Kailash Nadh, Splogspot.com and Antisplog.net”

  1. Jeff Davidson Says:

    I think its ironic that Splogspot complains of computer generated blogs, yet has a computer gather its list of so-called “spam blogs” – including at least two I identified in less than two minutes – that are written by actual attorneys in the consumer law area.

    I think calling someone a “spammer” when they are not is not very nice and frankly harmful to that person’s reputation. Maybe Splogspot could actually have people review their lists and do a little investigation before publically labeling someone a spammer.

  2. Pascal Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    That’s interesting.
    Could you give the examples?

    Judging from the recently updated splog list at http://splogspot.com/recent, he does a fairly good job at detecting splogs… even “the other side” admits so:

    I think Kailash Nadh is open for feedback, he blogs at http://www.boastology.com/blog/ and http://www.pingoat.com/goatlog/

  3. Jeff Davidson Says:

    One was mine. The other is from a guy in Ohio. I did see the contact page on their site.

    I’m sure they are right most of the time. It just seemed unfair if they are wrong and if they don’t do any human investigation when they post someone up there – perhaps they do.

  4. Jeff Davidson Says:

    quick question though…Kailash has a “news aggregator” which picks up information from other places and puts it in one spot and has google ads next to that information. How different is that from some of these “splogs” who are also picking up information from other places and putting them in one spot?

  5. Pascal Says:


    You’re right there… There’s no clear-cut distinction between a news aggregator like http://newzpile.com/ and splog… (although newzpile doesn’t seem to have an rss feed and doesn’t submit itself to blog ping servers, but that’s a detail).

    Whether a site is perceived as a public rss reader or as splog, depends on the visitor…
    Another provocative post on Seo Black Hat on this: http://seoblackhat.com/2005/10/26/its-not-a-splog-its-a-newsmaster-site/

  6. Dave Says:

    Hi Pascal

    You asked for examples earlier – well, I just found my blog in their database. So I checked down the list of recently added blogs and picked these are the first 4 i picked out (just from their titles) and I don’t think any of these are splogs:


    I guess they don’t have any libel laws in India – but even if they do, none of us “little people” can afford to do anything about it.

  7. Turbulent Cleric Says:

    I can assure you that my site is not a splog. I shall be taking the matter further if my name is not removed from the list referred to..

  8. Pascal Says:

    Hi Turbulent Cleric, Dave and Jeff,

    what I suggest is that you try to report it to Splogspot/Kailash Nadh yourself. I do not think there is any malicious intent and I assume he’ll be happy to accept feedback and improve the algorithm he uses to determine splogs from blogs.

    How to report:
    – search for the blog at: http://splogspot.com/
    – in the result page, such as: http://splogspot.com/search?action=search&query=turbulentcleric, use the “Not a splog?” link to submit your complaint.

  9. Dave Says:

    Reported weeks ago but no re-assessment of the blog (or Turbulent clerics) Guess Kailash has lost interest since he’s now in London.