Linklogs talk, mind map and Wikipedia article stub

I presented some thoughts on in one of the presentations at a Brussels Blog Dinner last Friday. I used Freemind, an open source tool to prepare.  Basically, a mindmap is nothing more than a visual presentation of an outline, but it does help to be able to reshuffle your thoughts in a visual way.  Freemind is visually less attractive than commercial tools, but has an open file format and several export options.  See for example my “Linklogs Mind Map”:

I added more text and links since Friday and created a Wikipedia article stub on linklogs.  Let’s see whether the rest of the world thinks Linklogs are a subject worth as decent an entry as

About the presentation itself:

Evaluation was mixed: a bare-bones outline (this is the original mind map) and a bunch of open tabbed Firefox windows is a bit risky as preparation.  When I lost track of the order at some moment, it became euhm… a bit chaotic I’m afraid (my apologies if you had to sit it through!). Still I’m happy at least some people got some inspiration from it.  Lesson learned: determine scope beforehand and don’t try to focus on more than 1 or 2 points in a “short” presentation (thank you Cindy).

(BTW: I must have been really hyper since I spent more than half an hour searching for my keys on leaving for Brussels  – I thought I had accidentally dropped them.  I went twice through my car and my weekend holiday luggage  on a dark parking lot…  In the end, they were still in a door lock!)

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  1. Library clips Says:

    Posting in link blog folksonomies: Freemind, OPML

    Linklogs talk, mind map and Wikipedia article stub is a great collection of the different ways of making linklogs….my addition is that these can even be aggregated and shared in a folksonomy environment.
    See more on the idea of a Blog-based fol…

  2. Tom De Bruyne Says:

    I can see it right in front of me, you searching for your keys.
    Interesting thoughts though.

  3. Smetty Says:

    I’ve been talking about linklogs today in a business environment. Think it can become a powerfull communicationtool.

    And euh.. I was very well informed after the presentation on friday ;-)

  4. Yves Hanoulle: Project Complete Says:

    How to use mindmapping concepts in a website….

  5. Managing draft posts Says:

    […] a mind mapping tool helps you to organize thoughts  and concepts (see earlier posting for an example).  […]

  6. Urbancic Says:

    good work thanks….