Filtering duplicates out of a watchlist

One of the great things about is subscribing to watchlists. A friend of mine got hooked to it when he discovered that with the RSS feed of all links tagged “gtd” (the incrowd acronym for “Getting things done”), new productivity-boosting tips started flowing in. There is one issue however: doesn’t filter out duplicates.

Even with an RSS reader like Bloglines (that treats recurring URLs as one RSS item) the same URLs will show up as new again when submitted by another user with different tags. A frustration that obvious, it just had to be tackled by someone sooner or later, so today I stumbled on “ filtered” (via). Now I have subscribed to an rss feed of unique links on php frameworks, instead of the unfiltered php+frameworks linklist. Talk about a productivity booster ;-)

There are other ways to achieve this, one I mentioned in my Linklogs Mindmap was Feeddigest’s “dupe filter” but this one is simple, no-hassle and effective. Like itself ;-).

Want more tips? Have a ook at this exhaustive list of services built on top of

7 Responses to “Filtering duplicates out of a watchlist”

  1. Steve Says:

    Did the deliciousfiltered site die?

  2. Pascal Says:

    euh… yes, apparently.
    The main domain redirects to , so I assume the creator will be launching a new service with filtering as (part of the) functionality? (I signed up)

  3. Andreas Says:

    Ouch. Looks like my web host didn’t appreciate the database growing beyond 300 mb and disabled my account. I’ll see if I can get it up and running again but I can’t promise anything; there’s just too much to do for my new service (which — being an elearning community — won’t feature filtering, sorry).

  4. Andreas Says:

    It’s up again. For now.

  5. Steve Says:

    I wonder why a webhost cares about the size of the db. That doesn’t seem logical. Maybe it was traffic?

  6. Andreas Says:

    The db thing was just my guess since all other figures (including traffic) weren’t anywhere near the limit for my account. Turns out it was some permissions set incorrectly. I haven’t changed anything for weeks, the web host claims that they didn’t either. As long as it’s up again that’s fine with me.

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