IE7 Beta2 preview

I upgraded.  You have to install a phone-home program first that checks whether you  have a legal copy, but the end result is very nice.  Remarkable: the pluggable search and tabs.  Almost feels like the original ;-). 

4 Responses to “IE7 Beta2 preview”

  1. Marcel de Ruiter Says:


    I know this comment is off topic, but I am having trouble adding you RSS feed to Bloglines. It keeps telling me there is no feed. Is something wrong on your side? Thanks.

    Nice site by the way. I am especially interested in your Wiki posts.

    Best regards,
    The Netherlands

  2. Pascal Says:

    I tested it in Bloglines, and didn’t see any problem adding – bloglines detects the several flavors of rss that are indicated in the html meta info (see this point 16 in the Google Webmaster Guidelines for info).
    If it didn’t work for you then my website might have been down at that very moment (you might try again) or you can also add the feed directly: into bloglines.

  3. Marcel de Ruiter Says:

    Hi Pascal,

    It works now. Thanks. I tried to add “feed:” (copied from you footer) and that did not work. I didn’t know I could add the basic URL to Bloglines, after which it finds all available feeds.


  4. Pascal Says:

    The “feed:” prefix was an attempt in the early days of rss (see this discussion for example) to have the rss feed recognized by your browser, so that it could fire up your feedreader when clicked (in the same way the “mailto:” prefix for an email address in html will fire up your mail client…)
    It never took hold however and nowadays everybody uses the “autodiscovery” in the html head…
    Don’t know why WordPress still uses it.