Satellite mapping services: flat ad space up for grabs

So what happens when Google Maps and Microsoft’s Live Local unearth (ha!) detailed views on your neighbourhood from above?

You get:

2 Responses to “Satellite mapping services: flat ad space up for grabs”

  1. Javier Says:

    Hi Guys
    I want to show you
    I saw it recently. It seems fairly new and haven`t read anything in your blog about it yet.
    Don`t you think this web has the potential to turn down the tables again on the world of blogs, user defined content and socializing through the internet in general?
    And another question, I haven`t had time to read carefully the website or their conditions, but in case that your chosen application is successful, do the visitors/advertising revenues belong to the site creator or to Ning?
    I think this kind of applications can be revolutionary…

  2. Pascal Says:

    Hello Javier,

    I tested Ning but I was not really convinced. I think it is not very well positioned as a product. You need php skills to create your own applications, so most users just copy the existing apps. Which, each on their own, are not a match for the leaders in their own genre: the photo sharing is not a match for flickr, the to do list is not a match for Tadalists… and so on. People with php skills on the other hand, prefer to develop apps on their own environment they have full control over.