Zaza Cartoons RSS feed (screenscraped from

Cartoon RSS feeds help to keep up to date with current affairs – and let you smile at the same time.
I’m a fan of the Dutch Fokke and Sukke, a daily cartoon in NRC Handelsblad. They don’t have a feed but somebody called Jarno Peschier at scripted this unofficial feed. It has 290 Bloglines subscribers, I assume that the total number of subscribers (Bloglines having about 1/3d of the market) hovers around one thousand. So I decided to screenscrape De Standaard and script an RSS feed for their daily Zaza cartoon*:

Moet er nog Zaza zijn?

* BTW: I followed Peter Forret’s suggestion for image enclosures .

Do I have permission to do this?

I haven’t asked, but I do not expect the people at De Standaard to object against the feed, since it probably will result in more traffic for them (I’m linking the newspaper of that day for every cartoon).
If they were to object however, I will remove the feed at Feedburner (not worth the legal headaches, see the following posting)…  but no one kan keep me from keeping the original script online for personal use :-)

Some other cartoon feeds



I hope other ZaZa-fans (1, 2, 3, 4) will like the Standaard ZaZa feed…  Leave your own favourite cartoon feeds in the comments…

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  1. Rikea Says:

    I’m going to add your Zaza-feed right away! Great initiative.

  2. lemming Says:

    That’s great. I will check it out

  3. Asfaltkonijn Says:


  4. Robin Wauters Says:

    Can’t you pull the same stunt with Kama (