Google Blog search bookmarklet updated

Google blog search stopped auto-prefixing urls with the “link:” operator when you enter them in the search box. A search for something starting with http:// or looking like a domain name, used to be converted automatically in a search for backlinks (for a specific post, or for links pointing urls within a domain).

That’s no longer the case, as you can see in the screenshot, whereas an explicit still gives the expected result **:

Google blog search nog longer prefixing urls with link:

This made my Google blog search bookmarklet stop linksearching – so if you installed the bookmarklet, go and get the updated bookmarklet

** I did some googling to verify the behaviour really had changed over time, but this early Google Blog Search review confirms:

Interestingly, Google Blog Search automatically prefixes a URL search with the link: operator, defaulting the search to incoming link sources.

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