Catching loose MP3s with Greasemonkey and

You encounter a link to an MP3 file but it takes ages to download before you can even start to listen. You probably even haven’t got the time to sit down and listen right now, so you’d want to save it on your MP3 player without too much hassle – the way you do with MP3s in a podcast. Recognize the situation? If so, here’s my MP3 lifehack for you:

(The quality of the above screencast might depend on your bandwidth. All links mentioned are in the following text as well.)

  1. Get Greasemonkey.
    If you haven’t heard of this Firefox extension (or still don’t see why you’d even need to switch to Firefox!) check out a previous posting on Greasemonkey
  2. Install the MP3 userscript.
    Like lots of userscripts, this is a “Greasemonkification” of an already existing javascript, in this case the “ Playtagger“, that lets webmasters insert an inline Flash player automatically for every linked MP3 url: Playtagger
  3. The result: on any webpage with linked MP3 links, the power of Greasemonkey makes the inline player appear, exactly like in the playtagger examples. Now you can listen to the audio right away, and decide whether you want to have it on your MP3 player for off-line listening. If so, click the “tag this” button and save the MP3 link to like you would do with any other link – use e.g. the tag “tolisten” as a reminder (analogous to the often-used tags “toread” or “toprint” in :-) ).
  4. Now filter your account with the “magic” tag “system:filetype:mp3”: filtered with mp3 system tag
    Not only you have the list of all your mp3 files, the corresponding rss link<username>/system:filetype:mp3 under the icon will be a full-fledged podcast (= with mp3 enclosures) you can feed to your podcatcher (=podcasting client).
    You do not need to assign this “system” tag yourself in order to be able to filter on it – infers them from the file extension – did you know has similar tags for video, images and documents as well?
  5. By refining your selection with your own tags (such as “tolisten”, or “jazz”, or “interview”, whatever), you create your own shareable playlists.

Update October 23d:

  • Jon Udell’s referral to the screencast reminded me of another trick to collect a series of loose MP3 links on a page in one swoop: see Jon’s screencast on how to use the Webjay page (and bookmarklet) for this
  • I replaced the self-hosted flv video file with a version hosted by Revver. I have been comparing video sharing sites to host screencasts, and I’ll post my evaluations soon.
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  4. nickythegreek Says:

    this doesnt work on google reader though. To be able to parse my music blogs with an inline mp3 reader would be super sexy.

  5. Jnbn Says:

    Thanks a lot… This’d be very nice..

  6. Stijn Says:

    That’s one script I didn’t have yet. Thanks.

  7. aurélien Says:

    thanks for the tips !!! very useful to make a podcast :) in one click

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