Ultimate Tag Warrior on WordPress and Windows Live Writer

Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is a popular and powerful WordPress plugin to tag your posts*. Windows Livewriter is a great (for once, that’s an understatement!) desktop blogging client tool Microsoft released last month. Here’s how you combine both, by configuring the UTW embedded tags in WLW**:

Using the latest release (recommended)

  • Upgrade to or download the latest release. I can’t see any reason why, but if you want to keep the first beta, skip to the next section.
  • Choose Insert… Tags in the menu or the right side action panel
  • Choose “Customize Providers” in the “Tag provider” dropdown
  • Click “Add” and fill out the form as indicated:
    Define Ultimate Tag Warrior internal tagging scheme
  • Confirm your settings and choose your self-defined tagging scheme every time you add tags:
    Choosing tags for Ultimate Tag Warrior in Windows LiveWriter
  • You’ll see the tags embedded in your body text. Don’t worry, UTW extracts them from the text and puts them in the database, so they’ll show up as normal UTW tag links and in the tag maps you might have defined.

Using the first release

  • You’ll need to install the Tag4Writer plugin.
  • In Tools… Preferences… Plugins, you can set the options for the “Tag List Generator”, identical to the ones shown in the first section:
    • Custom Tag HTML Template: {tag}
    • Tag List HTML Template: [tags]{taglist}[/tags]
  • Inserting the tags works in the same way
    Tag4 writer Configuration


* although it might slow down rendering your pages – consider WP-Cache in that case
** there’s also a second approach where you modify your xmlrpc.php file in your WP installation, and use the WLW post keywords (press F2 or View… Post Properties)

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  3. milo Says:

    Thank you for this clear advice with images, it helps a lot to follow it for non techies like me.

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  6. Brett Says:

    You’re one of those “Microsoft is the Devil but I use their stuff anyway” types?

  7. Pascal Says:

    Where have I said Microsoft is the devil :-) ?

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  23. Osh Says:

    Pascal thanks for the useful post. I’ve tried this and noticed WLW inserts a div class=”wlWriterEditableSmartContent”… around the [tags]. This prevents my WordPress/UTW software from properly detecting and saving the tags at publish and view time. Have you hit this problem, or found a solution? I’m using Live Writer Beta 1.0, which I believe is the latest release.

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