Screencasting: online video sharing sites compared (1)

A screencast (a video capture of your screen) is a powerful way of explaining how to use an application, or perform a task – just by showing it. Apart from the difficulty of recording a screencast (and editing it into something presentable), there’s the issue of hosting the files. Over the past month, I’ve been experimenting with my mp3 screencast on several video sharing sites. In a following post, I’ll list all of the services I tried I and their evaluation. I found two services to be great, two almost OK, and 10 others not fit for the task… Here’s how I proceeded:


What is important if you search a service to host your self-produced screencasts? I scored each of them for the following criteria:


  • is uploading fast and easy?
  • can you upload in several formats or just one?
  • are there other ways of uploading, other than a simple web form?
  • how easy is managing, and editing uploads and their metadata?


  • image and sound quality (whereas in most entertainment videos, it’s sufficient just to get an idea of what’s happening, for a sceencast it’s necessary for at least menus and text to be readable…)
  • size on screen of the embedded video (size does matter, but image sharpness and a sound without hiccups are more important)


  • is there an rss (vodcast) feed for your videos, or collections of videos you make – so people can subscribe?
  • what are the download options: flv, compressed quicktime, and/or the original format and size?
  • can you monetize your videos?
  • can you embed your video on your own site, in different formats and sizes?

If you use video sharing sites for other purposes (fun, marketing, entertainment) then you might find other criteria more important, such as the social features, viral marketing features, usability and findability from the watcher’s point of view – but that’s not what I concentrated on here.


  • Among the services I tested, and Revver stood out, with Vimeo and Veoh following. See all ratings and short reviews.
  • An ideal setup would be a Feedburner-like service that consumes your vodcast feed (like Veoh does), and transforms the local video file references to (automatically) mirrored versions on a hosting service, giving you view/download stats and optionally ad revenue sharing (what is offering now).
  • I did not compare terms of use and copyright policy of all of the services – but I think you can safely assume that law follows code: the more freedom the hosting platform gives you as a user/contributor, the more your rights as the producer are respected. Openness of the platform doesn’t have to be an ethical choice, BTW – it could be a sound business choice too, see my summarizing remark on (an interesting read: the “Ethics of Web2.0” posting and the ensuing discussion).

Source material

I had used Camtasia Studio (free trial here) to record and edit an 640 by 480 movie (see resources for more tools). That’s too big to make it embeddable in most layouts, so I exported to 480 by 360 movies in the following formats:

  • .avi: too heavy to upload, even for the shortest video.
  • .swf: video quality was just too bad.
  • .mov – 80 MB (download): still a huge file, but for some services .mov was the only format that converted into relatively good quality videos.
  • .flv – 8MB (download): good quality, high compression. Some services don’t accept it as source format however.
  • .wmv – 5.6MB: excellent quality when exported in the orginal 640 by 480 format (download). When produced in the lower 480×360 resolution, quality is a lot worse, and size increases! So I used the 640 by 480 version, however just a few services accept .wmv as source format.

Probably other upload formats/or options could have resulted in different quality scores – few services give instructions on how to optimize the source material for them however – Youtube being a notable exception.

Other video sharing comparisons

Still other Alternatives

  • Self-hosting still is an option. You’ll probably choose for flv (platform-independency, high compression) and the Flash Video Player by Jeroen Wijering.
  • is a screencasting portal you might consider if you do not have your own blog.
  • Screencast-O-Matic is a free service with a Java applet that lets you record and upload screencasts – on the other side of the spectrum, there’s by Techsmith (Camtasia!) to host your corporate screencasts for a fee.

Screencasting resources

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  5. Mixette Says:

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  6. eric Says:

    Hi! great information on here.. I have a question.. I am looking for software that will submit my videos to these video service sites.. have you heard of any product you could suggest? thanks!

  7. John Says:


    not sure what you mean by software to upload videos to these sites. Most of the sites offer uploading forms on their websites. has this same feature. Are you looking for a stand alone program that runs from your desktop that you can use to upload your videos?

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