IP to Location Bookmarklet

You want to know more about a specific ip address in your log files or visitor statistics package? And you’re not satisfied with tools like whois or traceroute? There are several online services that use an ip range database to look up the location of an IP address (as far as this info is made available by the ISP). Here some bookmarklets to use two of them, Hostip.info and Ip2Location.com.

Ip2Location.com screenshot

Hostip.info screenshot

Hostip.info is free, uses a freely available database and produces a Google map. Ip2Location uses a commercial database and is free for max 20 requests per day.

IP (to location) Lookup Bookmarklet links

How to install the Bookmarklets


  • Right-click the bookmarklet link and choose “Bookmark This Link”
  • Click the “Create in” dropdown and choose “Bookmarks Toolbar Folder”
  • (quick alternative: drag it to your links toolbar…)

Internet Explorer

  • Right-click the bookmarklet link and choose “Add to Favorites”
  • Click “Yes” if there is a “May not be safe” popup
  • Choose “Links” in the “Create in” pane and click “OK”

How to use the bookmarklet

  • if the ip address is on a webpage, select it and click the bookmarklet
  • if the ip address is in a logfile, select and copy it, and click the bookmarklet in your browser (without any text selected) – then paste the ip in the prompt

Other services

  • There are more similar services – if you prefer another service and produce a bookmarklet for it, point to it in the comments
  • Also note that most visitor tracking packages have ip address location lookup built-in. (To some extent, often country-level for free packages) and some services provide visitor location widgets to embed in your html code (Map Stats, CustrMaps) – but that’s a different story.

6 Responses to “IP to Location Bookmarklet”

  1. Lucian Says:

    Another good tool for this is http://www.ipgp.net , it has maps too.

  2. Pascal Says:

    Hi Lucian,

    Thanks, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with my bookmarklet…
    If I convert the POST into a GET action, to have the ip show up in the url, the ip address is not picked up by the script…

    (example: http://www.ipgp.net/index.php?ip= )

  3. Dada Muni Says:

    Another short url for finding ip address is http://getyrip.com

  4. Mark Viner Says:

    A good site to check the location from IP address is: Ipgp Ip lookup , also you can add a gadget to your website, just copy and paste the code.

  5. Tim Says:

    Anothe good site is http://www.liveipmap.com

  6. Andrews Says:

    Another alternative to Conversions Tracking tool available on the net is mvispy.com I have been using the service for past few months and it has worked out well for me. I have been able to do live visitor tracking. MVISPY offers a unique combination of features like real-time visitor data, IP name lookup, conversions tracking (3 ways), email alerts, live or proactive chat, tracking web leads from search engine to conversion, insert leads into sales lead systems, determine what pages don’t work & track click fraud – all while determining what people are looking for, what keywords work best.

    Some of the features offered by MVISPY that are not offered by Analytics are
    – real time tracking on website
    – IP look up with company name address and Jigsaw drill down feature
    – Tracking conversion 3 different ways with email alerts
    – Live pro active chat features that will pop up after a preset number of page views or visitor length on the site and when arrives
    at preset page
    – SPY shows trails from Search engine to site thru purchase on one display (not done by Google)
    – Auto insert of sales leads in sales Lead system
    – Determine what pages don’t work by real time bounce data (Gogole has)
    – Tracks Click Fraud.