Delegation discovery: a bookmarklet for OpenID evangelists

There’s little to add to the many great writeups, presentations and screencasts on OpenID, but I thought it would be fun to have a bookmarklet that checks whether a page URL can be used as an OpenID login, so whether that page already has been “claimed”.

So here it is, the

OpenID discovery bookmarklet

Drag it to your toolbar (or follow the instructions at one of my earlier bookmarklets). When you’re on a page (that would typically be a blog or profile page) and click the bookmarklet, it will show the openid server and the identity that the page says it is represented by on that server. For example, this is (currently) the result for this blog:

OpenID discovery bookmarklet

So when anyone would want to use as an OpenID login URL on SomeArbitrarySite, that person would have to prove to the OpenMinds OpenID server that he or she really is user pascalvanhecke (typically by giving username and password at that server).

That would be me then :-), since I wrote on this blog (using some html code that the bookmarklet makes visible) that I’m that user pascalvanhecke at OpenMinds. This way, I "delegated" the responsability (of proving to SomeArbitrarysite that I’m the owner of this blog) to the OpenMinds Server.

If the whole OpenID thing doesn’t ring a bell for you, please sit through this screencast by Simon Willison, still the best OpenID introduction available:

(original version)

Is the bookmarklet useful? Not sure… Maybe if you’re the type of person that wants to convince his or her blogging friends they also should turn their blog into an OpenID url and is constantly checking on them :-).

Note: the bookmarklet is based on the RSS discovery bookmarklet by Martin Dittus I wrote about earlier.

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  2. Mark Cross Says:


    Both these don’t reveal the delegate, so if the javascript cannot find it in the HTML, then the URL itself appears to be the delegate.

    & I thought stating the deletgate URL was part of the spec….

    Cheers Mark

  3. Pascal Van Hecke - Daily Links » 2007 » October » 10 Says:

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