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I’ve been a Flickr user since 2004, and apart from the occasional social picture, I’ve (ab)used it mainly to store screenshots and illustrations I found on the web.  One of the useful tools Flickr provided in those first years, was the “Send to Flickr” bookmarklet: if you’re on a web page with an image you want to save for your own usage, click the bookmarklet, select the image and it’ll be stored in your own Flickr account  Strangely enough, the bookmarklet has gone since long (you won’t find it on and most search hits elsewhere point to a vanished page), but the same code still functions perfectly if you had saved it in your browser.  Because I was unable to find a copy of it on the web when I needed it on a new machine, I’ve put it online for those people who are scouring Google like I was:

Get the Bookmarklet

  1. Have a look at the embedded one-minute screencast to see what it does
  2. Go and add it to your favourites/bookmarks from this mini-page((I was unable to get it in this post, WordPress has trouble understanding javascript or iframes…)) – if you’re not familiar with bookmarklets, have a look how to get it in your browser

Screencast: what does the bookmarklet do?

[VIDEO]: Cannot display the embedded video – if you are reading this through an RSS reader, click throough to the original post

Screencast: how to install the bookmarklet?

[VIDEO]: Cannot display the embedded video – if you are reading this through an RSS reader, click through to the original post

5 Responses to “Send to Flickr bookmarklet”

  1. Kevin Lim Says:

    Wow, I’ve always something as simple as this for sending images to Flickr. Thanks for making it! I tested it and it gave me an error uploading though. Here’s what I tried to send

  2. Pascal Says:

    Tried that same page, and didn’t have any problems uploading an image… You need to logged in with your Flickr account for it to work though – were you?

  3. speedeep Says:

    The vanished link referenced in your post has been re-linked and is working again. You can get the code there. Flickr wrote the code, but pulled it down at some point. Flickr gave me permission to post the code. Highlight the text, drag it up into your bookmark bar. Log into your Flickr account, bring the picture to post up in your browser, click the bookmarklet.

  4. Pascal Says:

    OK thx!
    The code you have is indeed the same as what I still had in my browser and had put online at

  5. korafotomorgana Says:

    ha, thanks, i’ve been looking for this :) works like a charm, thanks for sharing