Registered a trademark in the Benelux? Beware of invoices!

If you own a domain name with a generic extension (.com, .net. org, .info, .biz), you’ve probably already received letters from Domain Registration of America.  They look like invoices for domain registration renewal, but are in fact requests for domain transfer – if you sign and pay you’re stuck with their higher fees.

A similar controversial business is being run by, sending out invoices to trademark owners.  I received an invoice of €795 (for a  Benelux trademark that I no longer own).

Invoice sent by for a trademark registered in the Benelux

If you read the terms and conditions (pdf), you’ll notice that the actual service they sell for this hefty price is the “publication” of your trademark.  Which is kind of… unnecessary, since your trademark is already published by the Trademark registration office itself.

The blog posts I found about all seem to be Australian.  Apparently they have now expanded their “market” and bought an old (it’s already 5 years since I transferred ownership) database of Benelux trademark owners…  The letter (pdf page 1, 2 and envelope) looks like a (perfectly bilingual) Belgian invoice, and they have a Belgian Bank acount (while registered in Vienna, Austria).  If you or your company received one of these, just be aware that this is not an invoice for renewing your trademark registration…

6 Responses to “Registered a trademark in the Benelux? Beware of invoices!”

  1. Maxime Says:

    Tought Unizo took action against these practices?

  2. Oef Says:

    Just got an invoice too, however this time from Exactly the same fake invoice and the website a copy of
    Beware people, eptr-register is a big SCAM!!!

  3. Sander Says:

    Hier ook een brief van Duidelijk een geval van oplichting. Een Poolse anonieme envelop met een brief die van “Euopean Patent and Trademark Registry” zou komen. 960 euro vragen ze…

  4. Sam Says:

    Same here – no way to shut these guys down?

  5. Rob de Bruin Says:

    Zojuist ook eentje in Nederland ontvangen. € 875,00 is toch geen geld eigenlijk om je informatie nog eens bij hun onder te kunnen brengen ??
    Postbus in Rotterdam en Oostenrijks BTW nummer; denk dat ik hem toch maar niet betaal !!

  6. Rik Says:

    Het is nog veel schokkender dat men deze gegevens blijkbaar vanuit het Benelux registratie bureau kan krijgen/stelen.