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Startup School "iBootcamp": opportunity for a financial girl/guy

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

[Skip this posting if you’re not living in/close to Belgium or don’t have anything to do with Finance – I’m just using my almost-abandoned web-oriented blog to get this out asap]

[Update Feb 20: the team is complete – thanks to all of the people who helped spreading the message!]
[Update Feb 24: tools used (some stats and screenshots): 11 hrs of talking over Skype, some 250 msgs over 40 mail conversations, and the blogpost that mainly spread via Twitter and Linkedin]
[Update Feb 24: 6 teams made the final selection, we (Frank Herrman, Koen Pellegrims, Els HeremansAndre Keil, Marc Hensmans and I) are one of those teams]


iBootcamp is a crash course in building a viable business out of an initial idea. It is organised by in Ghent and (indirectly) financed by Flemish government – but participation is open for everybody (I myself am a Belgian living in the Netherlands – the language of iBootcamp is English).  Ten ideas have passed a first selection and five of them will make it to the iBootcamp itself: