Dropbox tips & tricks: file-based wiki, sharing shortcut keys, private screencasts and iPhone pdf e-reader

I am one of those raving Dropbox1 users. File backup- and synchronisation across computers and users becomes a no-brainer, and with it, sharing and collaboration techniques that rely on it.  Here are 3 tricks that I use on Dropbox:

Your private or public file-based wiki with Tiddlywiki

Tiddlywiki Screenshot A TiddlyWiki is a self-contained wiki in just one html file. When opened, javascript takes care of pages, versioning, navigation…  Since it is just a file, you can have a running wiki editable by any user you share the containing dropbox (sub)folder with.  If you put it in your Public Dropbox folder, it’s published on the web.

Setup your Shortcut keys just once for all Windows machines you work on

AutoHotkey is a Windows utility that lets you define shortcut key combinations (“hotstrings”) in a .ahk (text) file.  Put it in your Dropbox folder, create a link to the .ahk file in your Startup folder, and voilà: you never have to type that full signature or “Best Regards, X” again…

AutoHotKey Shortcut

Publish private screencasts/screenshots

Dropbox: save in public folderI use Jing on Windows to record my screen or take screenshots and annotate them.  Instead of mailing the movies or screenshots, save them in your Public Dropbox folder, and pass on the link. No need for ftp, email or a video/photo sharing that requires login.


Extra: Dropbox makes your iPhone a pdf e-reader

Dropbox on the iPhone Getting pdf’s on the iPhone to read is a bit of a hassle (although it seems to have improved on iOS4 with Stanza).  The Dropbox iPhone app has its own pdf reader – so just keep that collection of your ebooks and whitepapers in a “to-read” Dropbox folder and read them in your spare moments on the iPhone (Dropbox, BTW, is also the quickest way I know to get a picture from your phone on a regular computer).

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2 Responses to “Dropbox tips & tricks: file-based wiki, sharing shortcut keys, private screencasts and iPhone pdf e-reader”

  1. John Kim Says:

    the dropbox seems very convenient.

  2. Maxime Says:

    Dropbox had no other real competition. Performance, usability and features are unseen in other free saas applications! Great product!