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Startup School "iBootcamp": opportunity for a financial girl/guy

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

[Skip this posting if you’re not living in/close to Belgium or don’t have anything to do with Finance – I’m just using my almost-abandoned web-oriented blog to get this out asap]

[Update Feb 20: the team is complete – thanks to all of the people who helped spreading the message!]
[Update Feb 24: tools used (some stats and screenshots): 11 hrs of talking over Skype, some 250 msgs over 40 mail conversations, and the blogpost that mainly spread via Twitter and Linkedin]
[Update Feb 24: 6 teams made the final selection, we (Frank Herrman, Koen Pellegrims, Els HeremansAndre Keil, Marc Hensmans and I) are one of those teams]


iBootcamp is a crash course in building a viable business out of an initial idea. It is organised by in Ghent and (indirectly) financed by Flemish government – but participation is open for everybody (I myself am a Belgian living in the Netherlands – the language of iBootcamp is English).  Ten ideas have passed a first selection and five of them will make it to the iBootcamp itself:


Registered a trademark in the Benelux? Beware of invoices!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

If you own a domain name with a generic extension (.com, .net. org, .info, .biz), you’ve probably already received letters from Domain Registration of America.  They look like invoices for domain registration renewal, but are in fact requests for domain transfer – if you sign and pay you’re stuck with their higher fees.

A similar controversial business is being run by, sending out invoices to trademark owners.  I received an invoice of €795 (for a  Benelux trademark that I no longer own). (more…)