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Recording a Skype call: (Windows) tool comparison

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

I needed to record a Skype phone call. In a previous stint, both my correspondent and I each used Audacity to record our own voice (directly from the microphone), and I synchronised and merged the two separate MP3 files afterwards, again with Audacity. This time, I only could record on my side of the line. A simultaneous recording of your own voice and the incoming Skype call still happens to be a non-trivial activity on Windows. I found these options: (more…)

Catching loose MP3s with Greasemonkey and

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

You encounter a link to an MP3 file but it takes ages to download before you can even start to listen. You probably even haven’t got the time to sit down and listen right now, so you’d want to save it on your MP3 player without too much hassle – the way you do with MP3s in a podcast. Recognize the situation? If so, here’s my MP3 lifehack for you: (more…)